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Social Media Tips

  • Create a name for your team
  • Create a social media hashtag specific to your team
  • Post team photos
  • Share a photo of everyone wearing your team t-shirts.
  • Share photos and/or videos of your team working together at the meet and greet practice event.
  • Post a selfie wearing the steer show hat, which you will receive at the practice event. In the caption briefly explain the event and why you are supporting the cause. Be sure to include a link to your celebrity exhibitor’s fundraising page (
  • Share videos and stories from the Ronald McDonald House beneficiaries.
  • Ask your social media followers to share their own RMHC story, if they have one.
  • Always include your team’s fundraising link and the hashtags: #DeansCharitySteerShow #CbusRMH and #ForRMHC. Use your team’s hashtag and include other fun hashtags. Below are some suggestions.
    • #BeefingUpRMHC
    • #Steers4Charity
    • #Buckeyes4Ronald
    • #SupportRMHC
    • #WatchYourStep
    • #SteerClear
    • #SteerCuddles
    • #mooooveover
  • Tag our social media accounts