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Sale Description

During the steer show on August 1 there will be a “sale” incorporated in the event. The “sale” will follow the same procedures as a typical livestock sale, but without the actual transfer of livestock. Each team will parade their steer through the sale ring. A livestock auctioneer will take bids and “sell” each team with all sale proceeds benefiting RMHC.

You will want to solicit or secure donations that will be used to “bid” on your steer during the “sale” in addition to those that are currently going directly through your online fundraising page, and the online silent auction. All teams should secure at least one ‘bidder’ for the sale ahead of time, at a donation amount you are happy with. Multiple buyers that want to support your team can also join together to “buy” your steer and donate to RMHC. The take-away here is for you to invite other potential donors to attend the sale and bid their donation for RMHC, rather than only soliciting donations via the online platform and online silent auction. Keep in mind the sale bids will be new donations, not those already made online. We will have a call before the event, on July 19 at 1:00 p.m., for you to share who you have lined up, and at what amount, so that we can make the auctioneer aware of how he needs to work the crowd. If you are able to get more than one bidder to attend, that is certainly welcome!

After each team sells their steer, the auctioneers will ask if there are others in attendance who want to donate to the team in the ring, which will be added to the total selling price. That’s the time for those that have not yet donated to make those donations of $250, $500, etc. to join in and add their amounts to your team. Following the sale, each team’s online donations will be combined with their sale proceeds and online auction sales for a grand total. These totals will be announced at the show, and in a press release a few days after the event.

There will be a table ring-side on the day of the event for potential buyers to register. They can make payment/donation immediately following the sale or make arrangements to send payment after the event. Be sure to remind potential donors of the recognition opportunities available at various donation levels. While every donation will go to RMHC, donations will initially be made to The Ohio State University per the information below.

Contact Emily Smith ( with questions or if you need additional information.

Online Donations: The Dean’s Charity Steer Show website features links to every team’s fund raising page. Please share this URL with your team’s supporters:

*Online donations given through the teams' fundraising pages will be processed separately from the Online Silent Auction. Donations to the Online Silent Auction will NOT count toward Ohio State donor recognition opportunities.

Checks will be accepted both prior to the event and the day of the event. Payable to: “The Ohio State University”; Memo line: fund #316593 and the celebrity’s name; Mail to: The Ohio State University Foundation, Attn: Gifts Processing, 14 E. 15th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43201

Cash will only be accepted the day of the event.